Spotted a chip in your windscreen?

We take care of everything!

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Intervimos no local onde lhe dá mais jeito. 100% sem constrangimento.

Intervenção dentro de 24 horas

98% dos vidros estão disponíveis em stock, sendo que conseguimos intervir num prazo de 24h.

Seu tempo é curto

Marcação em 3 minutos. Seu tempo é curto. Não vamos desperdiçá-los.

Ultra rápido

Ultra rápido : reparação de impacto em 30 min, substituição de pára-brisas em 1 hora.

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We replace or repair all windows

Windscreen, side windows, rear windows: we have permanent access to 98% of all types of glass on the road in Switzerland. If your vehicle is covered by a full or partial insurance policy, the cost of glass breakage will be covered by the insurance. Please contact us!



Vidro lateral

Vidro lateral

Vidro traseiro

Vidro traseiro

Vidro do tejadilho

Vidro do tejadilho

It is not always necessary to replace your windscreen

Thanks to its protective glass frame, the front windshield can be fixed rather than simply replaced, under the condition that it meets the three following criteria’s: The damage is smaller than a CHF 2.- coin (approximately), the impact is located (at least) 5cm away from the windshield’s edge, and finally the damage is not situated in the driver’s field of vision.

We replace and repair all windscreens all over Switzerland


We work closely with local automotive glass specialists, in order to have a stronger presence and availability through the country. Whilst we cover the whole country with our service, we support local entrepreneurs that are working close to your home! Thanks to this partner network, carefully chosen for the quality of their work, we can ensure a service of the highest quality with the shortest waiting time.


We put everything forward to ensure the most exclusive service, as well as by using processes that are efficient and simple. Clients from our partnering insurances: everyone is entitled to a positive service whilst experiencing a broken windshield.


We guarantee a high quality of work and the use of impeccable materials. The warranty is not time limited. If a repair turns into a replacement, we deduct this repair from the new invoice.


Whether it’s verifying your coverage or sending the bill to your insurance provider, all steps are ours to take. Contact us by phone or e-mail, and we shall take care of the rest on your behalf!

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